Just today, in a blog post made by Tormod, Zero Hour Productions announced they would be putting together a charity marathon. It's said to be inspired by communications with other speedrunners and other such events such as Games Done Quick. Definitely read the original blog post there.

I have been working with Tormod to design and engineer a working audio setup. A lot of rack mounted equipment will be ordered in the coming months, and I'll be experimenting and optimizing the setup as we go along.

One motivation for this project is to be able to host, in high quality and with smooth operation, an 8-way Tetris: The Grand Master race. A race of this kind was featured at Awesome Games Done Quick 2017 (with some delays due to technical difficulties.) We anticipate we'll have to do a lot of the same troubleshooting independently to learn the same lessons. There's so many more games that could be showcased; the possibilities are endless.

I'm excited to be a part of getting an event like this off the ground. It's an effort that does not seek to compete with or supplant Games Done Quick, and I can really appreciate that. The more such events we have, the stronger the community gets as a whole.

Many thanks to Tina Wuest and EnchantressOfNumbers for their encouragement and technical advice!

See you then~